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JAIMINI SUTRAS Part 1 CONTENTS Preliminary Observations: Geneology of Adhyaya 2, Pada 3-(Chapter 2, Part 3) Sthira Dasas, Navamsa Dasas. We have secondly Kalachakra Dasas and thelongevity given by them. some other karaka, If Kuja joins or aspects the 7th from Jaimini Sutras. However, when one reads P. S. Sastri’s translation of the Jaimini Sutras, Mr. Rao’s texts go the furthest in explaining how the Jaimini dasa systems work, and .

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Please check and correct interpretation accordingly. Dear Shanmukh, Please clarify how to decide the strongest signs out of the trines if two sign or three sign are occupied by AK, Own Lord and Jupiter or Mercury respectively e. Aries lagna, lagna has Mars, fifth has AK and ninth house has Jupiter.

His short term fame and rise can not be justified in leo dasha. Only marriage and learning basics of astrology can be justified as leo is occupied by DK Mercury. Primary importance should be given to the chara karakas in all phalit dashas. Namaste, Yes,the Sagittarius dasa should be 8 years. So, I admit that there is aproblem in the calculation. I will go through it and update it. It’s my humble attempt to understand this Dasa Karaka system.

I can honestly claim that this Karaka system is not a new concept. Coming to research part, well, I admit that I tried to understand with my limited study. Probably it takes a longer time. Namaste The stongest will be decided by first checking the placement of Jupiter etc.

In the example you have given for Aries lagna, see which sign has more no. If not solved then use conjuction of more planets etc. Hope this clarifies you point. If not I will update the article. Dear Shanmukha, your texts on Jaimini are realy nectarian.

Jaimini Vedic Astrology Notes Part 1

Do you have some plan to write more often? Even smaller articles, more often, would be great thing. What do you think? Interesting work on Jaimini Sutra. Would like to discuss more.

Sir, do you know the meaning of the word” Paryay”? Does Jaimini sutras supprts this dass to start from 1, 5 or 9 houses? Which are the Jaiminis Sutras which provide the sequence of dasa order for different signs?

Dear Sir, I hope I had given the references on why the dasha starts from 1, 5 or 9 in my article. Anyway I write below relevant reference. I believe, the commentaries are also important. You may think otherwise. If you meant that I did not understand the eutras of word Paryaya, whole writing about Chara Dzsas Dasha, you are welcome to think so.

Sir, what will be Dasa lords for the 2nd cyle after the 12 Dasas are over? Will it again be Atmakarka and othrs which are in Kenra,Panphara and Apoclim or 4th plants after the 12th D? Sir, you can not fully depend on Bridhikararika.

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One should corelate with Jaimini Sutram before accepting any thing of bridhikarika. Dear Sri Chandra, Your suggestion is a welcome one.

I take Vriddha Karika as a reference standard and you may choose another. If you look suyras my articles you will definitely appreciate that I would never write anything except it is somehow find relevant reference in jaimini sutras.

Unfortunately, this generation forget the tradition of learning and understanding Sutra Vangmaya Sutra Literature. Karikas are the first reference points for any sutra literature. Dear Sri Naresh Chandra, The dasa will repeat after 12 dasas are over. It will be the Atmakaraka who is the lord of 13th dasa and the successive lords will be in the order of Kendra, Pahaphara, Apoklima. One shall also remember that the dasa years also will be same as earlier calculated NOT n years as followed by Sri Sanjay.

If both of Lagna and 7th from Lagna don’t possess 2nd sources, what should we do? For this purpose, I suyras using the horoscope of a very influential Jyotish Guru on Internet. I am not disclosing the eutras of the person for obvious reasons and I hope readers could easily guess this personality.

I humbly submit to the readers that this chart is used only for academic purpose and request the readers to kindly forgive me for any mistakes. Chara Paryaya Dasa is, as I already indicated earlier, a very dasss Phalita dasa, which should sparingly be used only when certain a combination exists in the horoscope.

In fact, the students of Jaimini system would do well to appreciate the fact that all the dasas mentioned in the 4 th pada of 2 nd Adhyaya of Jaimini Sutras are Rajayoga dasas. Why is it a special dasa? Sage Jaimini opens 4 th pada with a special dasa in the name of Chara Paryaya Dasa and mentions the conditional combination to observe when applying this dasa.

The second source of strength shall be used in Chara Paryaya Dasas. Well, this translation seems to be very odd and exaggerated to the students of this science. It is quite reasonable, since we never followed the spirit of Sage Jaimini.

The ancient commentators answers this very well. Navama term has been used by Sage Jaimini in three instance in the whole sutras. One, at mentioning of the first sutra of 3 rd pada and one at the first sutra of 4 th pada. Most modern commentators interpreted them according to the teachings sutrras Neelakantha.

The first sutra mentioning the Navamsa term reads thus. The first sutra according to most commentators is about the Navamsa Dasa and there has been claims from Scholars like Sri K.

Rao that he knows about 15 types of Navamsa dasa reckoning.

Jataka Sara Sangraha apty calls it as Darpana Dasa. It has been a popular view that Adarsa sign is 8 th sign for Chara, 6 th for fixed sign and 7 th for dual sign.


Now, we shall clearly understand the mistake in this interpretation. The Adarsa sign for movable, fixed signs will be of different oddity [1]where as for dual signs it will be of same oddity, which shows the fallacy of this interpretation.

Sri Rangacharya proved this fallacy and has shown the alternate interpretation based on classics like Jataka Sara Sangraha, Kalpalatha etc.

Jaimini Sutras – Wikipedia

With going into further details, I can only add that. Dasa sign need not be the Lagna. The second sutra relates to Chara Paryaya dasa and reads thus. The answer lies in the following points and I wish readers may ponder over the veracity.

In both dasas, the first dasa sign need not be lagna besed on certain combination. The trine signs 1,5 and 9 and 8 th signs play an important role in these dasas. The Paka and Bhoga signs are extremely important in these dasas. Both are called Paryaya dasas in Vriddha Karika.

Full text of “JAIMINI SUTRAS”

I hope this is the precise reason, why Navamsa term has been interpreted in synonym with Paryaya. Chara Paryaya dasa is a very important dasa. This peculiar dasa differs in. The starting Dasa sign. The lord of Dasa Sign. The results attributed to this dasa system are like Trikona dasa, but the reckoning will be different. This dasa applies to the horoscopes which has either of the combination of following.

Jupiter in either of trines 1, 5, 9. Mercury in either of trines. Placement of own lord in trines. Placement of Atma Karaka planet in either of trines. The above is nothing but the 2 nd source of strength as mentioned below dasaa. So, according to the specific combination, ascertain the strongest among the lagna, 5 th and 9 th house and jzimini dasa starts from this sign. Though it is a tenable argument based on the Jaimini Dutras given below.

The Vriddha Karika authernticates this interpretation.

So, the view expressed by Raghava Bhatta regarding that this Chara Paryaya Dasa shall start from the stonger of 1, 5, and 9 is acceptable.

Dasa moves in zodiacal iff the starting sign is odd and anti-zodiacal otherwise. If the start dasa sign is. Please remember this for dual signs. Dasa Lords Most Important: In this dasa, the lords are not regular lord of signs.

The lord of first sign is Atma Karaka, the lord of second sign is the planet in kendras to AK and so on. We are going to understand this with an example shorlty. First let us see what Sager Jaimini instructs us about this.