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was set up in and, with its active forum, quickly became a comprehensive online resource for free flight jet modellers all over the world. The tiny aluminium motor burns pellets of solid fuel. So the fuel won’t go up all at once like a firecracker, it is especially treated to burn quite slowly. The Jetex. I’ve got a jetex motor and some fuel in the draw if it is of any interest. jet engines” and talks about the Jetex 50, Jetex and Jetex

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Jetex rocket motors for models, Wilmot, Mansour & Co., Ltd. ()

The Jetex unit holds a single pellet of fuel, emgine takes about ten to twelve seconds to burn. Member feedback about The Trap Captain Scarlet: List of airline codes topic This is a list of all airline codes.

Member feedback about Jetex Flight Support: There are 10 total pellets inside the original box. Media franchises Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Both differed from the standard 50 in that they had a pressed alloy case, rather than a turned one, and dome shaped exhaust nozzles, which had proved more successful with augmented thrust experiments, but necessitated a flat asbestos bottom shield.


Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Round is a shape.

The Jetex engine

Thrust developed is fairly modest, suitable for horizontally launched flying models rather than vertically launched rockets. I have also, so far, resisted all requests to go on to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like!

Jetex 50 Fuel Packs. INt eh UK Robotbirds sometimes sell them. May be the way to go for you would be a ‘short run’ electric, or possibly a Cox.

Jetex Motors & Fuel Pellets – Airplanes and Rockets

Longer burn motors are available, but enigne can be pretty tricky to get hold of. The exhaust gas is not excessively hot, which confers a safety advantage. Amazingly, the glider flew fairly well.

Building on the old enginf success, the present Jetex. Jetex motors were also made under licence in France by Solidoand advertised in the French edition of Meccano Magazine during Summer Do join the Jetex Forum or contact us if you have any questions or would like to contribute.

Suitable for model aircraft with wing area not more than 40 square inches and an all-up weight of no more than 2 oz. Model jtex are divided into two basic groups: AS for construction, then it is simple.


Jetex Motors & Fuel Pellets

Even during the busiest times of my life I have endeavored to negine some form of model building activity. Articles on Model engine include: Pierre Claudy – Original photographs: Classic Models Current Models. In this episode, following a series of Spectrum hovercraft crashes in the Australian Outback, the Mysterons claim that there is a traitor within the organisation. What did you make the little deltas out of?

By the late s Jetex power had been largely forgotten. Member feedback about List of airline codes: This page was last updated: Views Read Edit View history. I assume it jetwx be only have a visual effect, but it will be fun.

And please visit our About Us page — why we’re here, how we got here, who’s behind it, and, most importantly, how you can help Jetex.