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It can be said that Ittens interest in the East became decisive by studying Japanese paintings which grasp the essence of the object. Shuzo Takiguchi, an art critic who met Itten in Zurich inwrote that Itten said, Snek schoolZrich Textilfachshuleprovides practical occupational training, however, it first makes a person rather than a specialist. Bijutsuka-Kyouikugakkaishi, Bijutsukyouikugaku,23, Walter Gropius participated in the architectural examinations at kvszete Itten-Schule.

Ittens interests and aspirations towards Japan and Asia were not of impermanent nature but of a szndk long endeavor that lasted to his old age. He noted that the Itten Method allowed an orderly experience of important sensations and the ability to polish these sensations in minimal time, and that it had the necessary training program to develop ittdn sensations and adopted them in his teaching program [25].

Eva Plaut was another person who was impressed by Yumejis lessons at the Itten-Schule. Mvszte johannes itten – johannes itten Pdf johannes itten The gist of his texts are as follows: The details regarding the Itten-Schule education that Yamamuro and Sasagawa received from Itten were revealed in the following treatise: On one occasion, Kurt Kranz escorted them to show the Bauhaus.

The spiritual teaching of mastering from the mind to the hand, gave a striking impression on Itten. The exchange of Itten and the Japanese people can be said to have played an important role in the following two aspects: She said that she had taught six to eight young men johanens her class. Mizukoshis teaching methods were similar to those of Yi Jing, a Japanese painter described in Georg Muches Blick punkt. Der Begriff der japanischen Malerei, ber die Linien manuscript from the private collection Ruth and Eva respectively wrote letters dated July 14,and sent to them.


Later, when Itten asked Yamamuro to recommend a good English book on Sumi-ink painting, she sent him Kaishien-gaden Jieziyuan Huazhuan with the help of Kenji Yoshioka, an artist in Japanese painting [26]. Pdagogische Fragmente einer Formenlehre. Hans Kayser was a music theorist, who developed the studies on Pythagoras System and Keplers Harmonica mundi.

For this reason, practicing Nanga will become an important study [14]. Nobody would believe it, it is a flower, and further wrote, He is a small and slender man who wears glasses. Aus Unterricht der Itten-Schule. The book contained their report on Ittens educational methods. Daigaku-Bijutsukyouiku-Gakkaishi, 33, Through these, the relationship between Ittens design education and Japan will be reviewed comprehensively. Thus, Yamamuro and Sasagawa contributed to the Japanese constructive art education, which became the basis of design education in Japan.

This book described art education at the Bauhaus in detail, based on the reports of the students, Yamawakis and Mizutani who studied at the Bauhaus. InJohannes Itten founded his private design school in Berlin.

Kuniyoshi Obara, a great educator and philanthropist. We cannot give life to a leaf just by drawing it after viewing it with our eyes. As described above, Mizukoshi taught his students to mvazete an object scientifically, to grasp the essence of the object and to draw what it symbolizes. Eva Kayser sent Sasagawa and Yamamuro the photographs taken of Eva and her father in Switzerland with the letters described above.

After their return to Japan, Yamamuro and Sasagawa conveyed the Itten methods not only to the Jtten but also to leaders of the Japanese constructive art education movement. Itten Johannes Foma High Documents.

Johannes Itten – A Sznek Mvszete

Prospectus of Itten-Schule, private collection We can find from the lecture texts of Yumeji that he tried to convey the spirituality of Japanese culture through Japanese traditional Art.

It is not overstating for mvszwte to conclude that we can take the Itten Methods as the familiar design educational methods in Japan today, thanks to the efforts of the pioneers who actively sought for the educational exchange with Itten.


Thus, the school had a close relation with the Bauhaus mvszzete [2]. It was not clear who introduced Ittens teaching methods described in this book.

It is well known that Itten was interested in Asian philosophy since he was a young man and talked about Lao-tze who had pointed out the essence of a wheel, a house, a pot, etc.

The lily is white and this symbolizes purity Unless one understands that the very life of a lily is in its modesty, he insists, one could not possibly paint lilies.

FANTASY (COLORS ) sznek – [PDF Document]

As mgszete were thoroughly relaxed, a minute free drawing with Sumi-ink and brush followed [12]. This is an expression of modesty. He is holding an exhibition now [20]. He developed the Itten Methods further and taught them to his students in some Universities. In a book, Johannes Itten Werk und Schriftenedited by Willy Rotzler, there is a mention that Hans Kayser had a personal contact with Itten in ,and his two daughters visited the Itten-Schule.

The spirituarity of Japanese Zen contributes greatly to this type of educational purpose [27]. Japan, Sasagawa bought a book recommended by Itten.

Goethe, Chevreul, Munsell, Itten, and The very tip of a lily stem is curvy and the flower johannse downward. He developed his thinking and came to the conclusion that Japanese Zen spirituality was useful in human education through arts. However, because the Bauhaus education required a long schooling time and because the Dessau Bauhaus School was suffering from problems and was soon closing down, they took the advice of Mr.

I was influenced by his method of practical training which did not exist in western art practice and chose my career as art instructor [21]. In the observation trip to the Europe, Ohchi visited Zrich and observed the Kunstgewerbeshule that applied the Itten Methods in the program and met Itten in person. I contacted her directly and confirmed them to be the facts.