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Maps of directions of Kalbarri WA, for locals and travellers. Easy to use driving directions. The Kalbarri region is a favourite family holiday destination also known for its adventure experiences on the water and land-based attractions. Map of Kalbarri, Western Australia, Australia and Kalbarri travel guide. Kalbarri road map and satellite view with street view, GPS navigation, accommodation.

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Map of Kalbarri, Western Australia – road map, satellite view and street view. Connecting Eagle Gorge to Natural Kalnarri this sandy trail provides stunning coastal views with great photo opportunities.

Wagoe Beach Quad Bike Tours. Pot Alley Pot Alley was named by local cray fishermen after losing many pots to this hazardous cove.

Hike down from Pederick lookout to Red Bluff beach, see amazing views across the Indian Ocean, impressive rock formations and reward yourself with a swim at the bottom. Winters are warm with moderate precipitation, and summers are hot and dry.

National Park

Some places to see and things to do in Kalbarri, Western Australia and nearby cities: The map of Kalbarri enables you to safely navigate to, from and through Kalbarri. Enjoy an unforgettable day of fun and adventure exploring Wagoe Beach while driving your own Kaobarri Bike or Beach Buggy on a guided Tour. The cliffs near the river mouth were named after another trading ship, the Zuytdorpthat was wrecked there in The terraced rock face is best viewed at sunset with glowing light on the sandstone cliff.

In the television series Prison Breakcharacter James Whistler states he is originally from Kalbarri. Oakabella Homestead, Tea Rooms and Campground. Red Bluff and other coastal cliffs and kaalbarri are located south of ,ap town. View or download a map of the coast here. Towns in the Mid West region of Western Australia. Port Gregory Caravan Park.


The view south from the cliff top truly captures the rugged beauty of this coastline. See the Coloured Pearls.

Map of Kalbarri Hotels & Kalbarri Map

As you take in views from the Eagle Gorge lookout, watch for seasonal whales and seabirds while listening to the pound of the waves below. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Just south of Kalbarri is Port Gregoryhome of Hutt Lagoon Western Australia’s Pink Lake and Horrocksa laidback beach getaway with great kalnarri, fishing, surfing and windsurfing. This lookout is a short walk from the carpark, where visitors can enjoy stunning coastal views.

Everyone wants the five-star experience, what about a million star rating?! The Tumblagooda Kalbarrk approximately million years old is one of Kalbarri National Park ‘s most striking features – the layers of coloured rock bed, trace fossils mal ancient insect footprints of euthycarcinoids an extinct group of arthropod or scorpion-like insects are quite remarkable.

Wander among thousands of golden limestone spires at Cervantes’ Pinnacles Desert.

Kalbarri is a small community in Australia, having about 1, inhabitants. Informative signage along the path takes you back million years to a time when Australia was known as Gondwanaland and marine life ruled the planet. Stay where the sunset meets the sea, Kalbarri Seafront Villas is superbly located in the heart of Kalbarri.

Open almost every day of the. Discover interesting places and things to do in Kalbarri, Western Australia: On the way back, we. Some parts have uneven surfaces with loose stones, hugs the coastline and is close to the clifftop — watch your step.

From Pederick Lookout see sandy beaches below and the striking Zuytdorp Cliffs to the north.


See a range of rock formations from worm tubes to round boulders and banded colours of sandstone layers. Kalbarri Edge Resort is Kalbarri’s newest affordable quality and stylish serviced accommodation located in the heart of Kalbarri.

The local Aboriginal people inhabited the area for thousands of years and have a dreaming story about the Rainbow Serpent forming the Murchison River as she came from inland to the coast. Pot Alley was named by local cray fishermen after losing many pots to this kalbarru cove. Archived from the original on 26 July Dune buggy the Pink Lake!

Kalbarri National Park sites. We also offer charter services in single or twin engine aircrafts. Mushroom Rock Nature Trail Class 3, 3km loop This loop trail takes you on a contrasting journey of discovery. This site gave the impression of a shell shaped house on the side of the cliff to fisherman at sea.

Eagle Gorge As you take in views from the Eagle Gorge lookout, watch for seasonal whales and seabirds while listening to the pound of the waves below. Continue further to complete the Red Bluff to Beach Trail.

Map of Kalbarri, WA | Whereis®

When visiting these locations, a small fee is charged to you directly or as part of your tour ticket. Kalbarri was named after an Aboriginal man from the Murchison tribe and is also the name of an edible seed. Our guests enjoy the. The resort features apartments, executive spa suites and deluxe studio.