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Kalki Autar Aur Muhammad Pdf Download Download Kalki Autar Aur Muhammad (PBUH) Urdu Book. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Kalki Autar Aur Muhammad (PBUH) Urdu novel. by Rizwan Naseer romantic novels free download romantic books free download love books.

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Indication of Buraq horse and Me’raj ascension when prophet traveled the seven skies. Aklki is the adventures of Rama, and Mahabharata is the adventures of Krishna- two key figures who expounded the Hindu way of life. Free download or read online the famous Urdu novel “Bazigar” by Shakeel Adil Zada and read a very interesting long Urdu story This is the first book of its kind, containing prophecies about the advent of the Holy Prophet P.

God would avail Kalki Avatar with a very speedy horse to ride and travel the whole world and the seven skies. H Pdf Urdu book is about a specific prediction in the holy books of Hindus.

According to that prediction, a messenger would kn.

If we examine the meanings of these names we shall come to a very interesting conclusion:. Then there are Brahamans-the commentaries on the Veda; the Upanishads-mystic speculations; Hitopadesa-the Book of Good Counsel; the Bhagavad-Gita- which is part of the great epic Ramayana. S Khan is in Pdf format and a short book of about kkalki pages here. Amazingly the author of this book is urru fair-minded famous professor who happens to be a Hindu.


God would teach Kalki Avatar through His messenger angel in a cave. What the author and the eight other eminent pundits say is that the Hindus who are still anxiously awaiting the arrival of Kalki Avatar are simply subjecting themselves to a never ending pain.

Namal is a blockbuster Urdu masterpiece of Ms. W Hindu Kitabon Mein.

Kalki Avtar aur Muhammad saheb (book)

One Hindu research professor, in his stunning book, claims that the description of Avatar found in the holy books of Hindu religion is in fact that of the Prophet Muhammad S. In addition, they have analyzed the predictions of ‘That Sage’ in the Holy Bible, and ‘Antim Buddha Maitreya’ in the Buddhist scriptures, and have come to the conclusion that these predictions also apply to Muhammad and Muhammad alone.

Younas Butt Eid Eisa A. The foremost and the oldest among them are the Vedas, literally ‘Books of Knowledge’. This Urdu books is translated into Urdu language by Sayyad Aneesuddin. The author produces the following sound evidence from the Vedas and auatr holy books of Hindu religion in support of his claim:. If the author of this book were a Muslim, he would have been arrested or he could have been murdered and all the copies of ureu book would have been confiscated.

In one version of the Hindu scriptures there is mention of twenty-four Avatars, in which Buddha is the twenty-third and Kalki is the twenty-fourth Avatar. There are eighteen Puranas, which basically contained the Hindu mythology.


Kalki Avtar aur Muhammad saheb (book)

He is a research scholar, a seeker of the Truth and a well known Pandit scholar in Allahabad University. In those books, a biography and some signs of that messenger is narrated and all those signs and wutar is matched with the final prophet, Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him. There are yet no reviews for this product. S Khan Free download. You can free download or read online this Urdu book from the blinking button below the sample page. Your Cart is currently empty.

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It is stated in Vedas holy book of Hindu Religion that the birth of Kalki Avatar would take place in an honorable clan. Avatar means incarnation of the Divine in the ephemeral world.

Muhammad autag Parsi, Hindoo and Buddhist Scriptures. Indulge and explore various facets of Islam and learn from the works of authoritative and reliable exponents in Islam.

Kalki Autar Aur Muhammad (PBUH) Urdu novel

Kalki Autar Aur Mohammad P. Por favor,activa el JavaScript! In I a holy book of Hindus it is stated that Kalki Avatar would be the last messenger prophet of God in this world for the Guidance of the whole world and all human beings.