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There are also instructions for accessing the SVN server. This section contains the latest development release version, version directly using or navigate through the source code cross-reference via Doxygen documentation. ChangeLog, , [ ], NEWS, , 53K , , K. [ ], userguidezip. Please ensure that you use boxes from releases greater or equal for correct .. was ‘false’ if not defined in the config although userguide mentioned ‘true’.

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Kannel: News

Added ‘unified-prefix’ configuration directive on a smsc basis to set number normalization rules. Fixed several bugs in HTTP communication layer. The configure option switch –with-defaults default value is now “speed”. It should be usable for production systems. New sendsms HTTP interface field ‘account’ has been introduced. EMI2 fixed MO counter bug and assignment of non-existing fields bug.

Fixed ISO date handling. This way a non reachable HTTP server will not cause to drop the request.

Added support for store spool directory. Added config directives ‘bearerbox-port’ and ‘bearerbox-port-ssl’ to smsbox group, in order to not need kajnel core group reading of external modules, ie. Kannel serves as reference WAP 2.

Download Page From this page you can download Kannel in various formats. SMPP various fixes for the optional fields decoding. Added cleaner iconv support for character re-encoding.

Index of /download//userguide

After launching kill command on Bearerbox to pause a queue e. To permanently destroy yuide queue is necessary to delete both the storefile. Get sources using the following command svn co https: This is used to restrict access to service requests coming in on certain receiver numbers, i. The pre-installed configuration calls http: Correctly handle redirections to invalid URLs.


Index of /download//gateway/doc/userguide

Added new config directives ‘access-log-clean’ and ‘access-log-format’ to allow custom core access. The Kill command will also cause that everything that populates the pipeline will be stored into the file storefile. WSP string coding bug fixed.

Added wapbox directive ‘smart-errors’ for smarter WSP error messages to the handset device. Fixed memory leaks guiee smsbox. Added EMI2 specific configuration directives ‘notification-pid’ and ‘notification-addr’.

CIMD2 has been rewritten to the new SMSCConn API layer, added additional support features ‘our-host’, ‘our-port’ and parameter service center addressharmonized log message formating, new ‘no-dlr’ config directive to indicate if DLR requests should be proceeded, added RPI return-path-indication support and gudie support via tariff class, allows setting PID for MT messages, adds “more messages to send” support.

Fixed a couple of memory leaks in various modules. Development news Major reconstruction will take place in the development branch. Various fixes in the Kannfl application layer. Bugfixes CIMD2 various fixes for correct urltrans ing. New features Added service routing based on account field, which allows routing of MO messages depending on the account set by an aggregating SMSC provider.

Kannel 1.5.0 development release available

Added –disable-wap and –disable-sms configure switches to disable parts in bearerbox. Added directive ‘wml-strict’ to wapbox group. The proposal will be available for feedback and discussion until June Fixed a bug in the prefix-match routine that caused to tread an number match not to be a prefix match.


Added concatenation MO support.

MySQL support fixed, where certain function prototype names clashed with our own gwlist structure. WML compiler fix, causing sefault.

Fixed issues for smsbox shutdown. Fixed race conditions within store-file handling. Implemented very simple priority queue ala Robert Sedgewick for gwlib. Rewriting the autotool configuring and Makefile issues will be an item too guixe the development branch. Added timing configuration directives for SMPP module to specify reconnect delays and timeout values. Added support for chained certificate files.

They used to always be plain text. This is not an update to 1. Renamed internal SMSC module identifiers for the smsc group directive ‘smsc’, which identifies which SMSC module is to be used for the specific link, according to these: Just apt-get install kannel for stable release or apt-get install kannel-devel for development release.

Fixed a bug in the smsbox routing behavior of bearerbox. Removed no more needed ‘retry’ smsc group directive. OIS added direct module. Extended the HTTP admin interface. This allows to execute arbitrary external code and pass the output as reply to the message sender.

Supported document types are SL and SI. They are generated around GMT every day.