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Anabatic Winds are upslope winds driven by warmer surface temperatures on a mountain slope than the surrounding air column. Katabatic. Katabatic wind · Local wind system. Anabatic wind, also called upslope wind, local air current that blows up a hill or mountain slope facing the Sun. During the . Katabatic wind (from the Greek: katabaino – to go down) is the generic term for downslope winds These winds are known as valley wind or anabatic wind.

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Anabatic windalso called upslope windlocal air current that blows up a hill or mountain slope facing the Sun.

During the day, the Sun heats such a slope and the air over it faster than it does the adjacent atmosphere over a valley or a plain at the same altitude.

This warming decreases the density of the air, causing it to rise.

Katabatic and Anabatic Winds |

More air rises from below to replace it, producing a wind. An anabatic wind often attains a velocity of 3—5 metres per second 7—11 miles per hour. We welcome suggested improvements to any matabatic our articles. You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind.


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Katabatic and Anabatic Winds

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Anabatic wind

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