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O. Waśkiewicz). gdańsk: gdańskie. Wydawnictwo Psychologiczne. Kenrick, D. t., neuberg, S. L., & Cialdini, r. B. (). Psychologia społeczna. Często badacze używają takich pojęć jak: kompetencja społeczna, .. na zachowanie innych wobec nas (Argyle, ; Kenrick, Neuberg i Cialdini, ). D. T. Kenrick, S. L. Neuberg, R. B. Cialdini – Psychologia społeczna – rozwiązane tajemn wyświetleń, stron. MB · D. T. Kenrick.

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The research presents the empirical data concerning the relation between personal traits and the value system; the study is focused on the empthy and directiveness as personality traits. Theoretical assumption and empirical findings are analyzed and interpreted in context of the cognitive framework, including the idea of regulave function of self-concept.


A content compatibility hypothesis between the personality traits and value system was accepted as preliminary assumption for this research. The study group consisted of students.


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