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Art of the Duel (Legend of the Five Rings) [Shawn Carman, Richard Farrese, Douglas Sun, L5r Rpg Masters of Magic. Aeg L5r Legend of the Burning Sands. Art of the Duel – “Set focus Strike!” A samurai of Rokugan who does not thrill to these words is no samurai at all, and wo. The Iaijutsu Duel is one of the defining parts of the L5R mythos, and it is no surprise that the RPG gives it it’s own subsystem for resolving such.

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Fortunately, if I’m going to initiate multiple duels with Raitsugu or anyone, for that matterI usually have him at 6 or 7 Military when I do so. Having him at only 5 is definitely risky. Dueling only has a very few bare-bones foundations laid in the core set. I’m sure it will be expanded upon fairly soon-ish. In the meantime, it’s a useful tool when applied correctly, but sometimes requires more caution that old-school L5R dueling. It’s not like you can’t still “bully duel” a fair amount of the time.

At this point, my biggest “issue” with dueling in Dragon is that I find Raitsugu’s art to be rather poor. I made srt for casual play: So, the duel is initiated, against a lower hte stat character.

And the player wants to discard the target of the duel On the “honor” dial, someplace, there is a number between “2” and “5” that insures this happens. Mirumoto has a military stat of “3”, freshly fielded and untouched.

So, we are talking about someone with a military stat between “0” hte “2”, normally. Let’s say “0” and let’s say there are only two characters in this political air ring challenge over a province.

Now, why should the player controlling Mirumoto NOT pick “3”? The wise Dragon player bids 1 or 2 if they are anticipating their opponent realizes they have no means of winning the duel if you outbid them, and thus intends to bid 1 to force you to tye as much honor as possible to guarantee your win.

What you are advocating is the latter, and yes you should expect to pay honor in those situations, just as you should expect your opponent to catch on to your obsession with always winning the duels and capitalizing on draining honor from you through those duels. Nearly any action comes at a risk of your opponent canceling or altering it. Duels are no no exception it’s “cancelled” through ties, or “altered” by your opponent using the loss effect against you by winning the duel.

Unless the duel is game-winningly-critical, assume that the person initiating the duel is going to throw a 1 and bid accordingly. This plan of attack has yet to fail me in a game. Ok, let’s try it this way. The player initiates the duel against a character with a lower duel stat. This is the norm. The duelist is Mirumoto. So, can we agree, the player controlling Mirumoto thr to use the duel’s outcome to discard a character or a fate off of a character?

This is an ability printed on Mirumoto’s card. So, someone expects Mirumoto to discard characters and fate off of characters, as a result of hte duel.

But, you may have another idea in mind. If you do, say so. Euel first off – you can certainly duel someone with another motive in mind. I could duel with Raitsugu with the intention of bidding 1 to take the honor from my opponent. If they bid just 1 I get their fate, so my backup plan is also good. When Raitsugu duels it isn’t for honor, it is for blood. Kakita Kaezin however certainly duels for “skill, technique, and perfection.


I don’t know how you did it. I don’t know where you got it. There is now no other Mirumoto Raitsugu. I am going to hhe the card made, or make it myself, and I am going to burn the other version I introduced him to this hot actress and she got him to loosen up. Seriously, that is some beautiful art and I durl making the card. And I am definitely throwing the other one away. If it keeps me out of the tournies, I say, “F-ck’em, if they can’t take improvements.

A Crane with a foreigner’s face, and facial hair It’s like in every sense they just said ‘who cares! Thanks, but Tye really wouldn’t try to use it at tourneys. For a lot of players, the way a card looks is directly tied into their ability to remember what each card on the board does.

I love making custom alt-art cards especially using a lot of characters from Avatar The Last Airbeder and The Legend of Korrabut there’s a good reason it’s not allowed at tournaments.

Anyway, this art is from Michael Komarck, easily one of my favorite L5R artists. As far as I know, FFG has the rights to most if not all the card art he did for the original game.

This one was from a pretty lackluster Mirumoto that never saw much play plus, he dufl a dirty Yhe.

I wanted to actually see it on the table during games. Thd, so you would pay a fate, or lose a character, for honor. Considering that gain could go up to 4 5 with udel combos That is more powerful than dueo air ring. This is better than the Phoenix Clan Champion, she can only trigger two different unclaimed rings.

People complained that the old system of dueling was too powerful, and they may have had a point here or there The game does not consider the practice dishonorable, or at least no more dishonorable than all the other dueling. If it was dishonorable, triggering the duel would require you losing honor.

Like “Lose 2 honor. Target an opposing character. Challenge that character to a duel Out of curiosity, do you have a system in mind as a mechanic that could function as a duel instead?

Art of the Duel

It may be that there is no perfect mechanical match for the act of a duel. Currently, there is an exchange of honor based on performance, a tense moment where each player sets up the duel, an exciting reveal of the dial as players find qrt the results of the duel, and lf consequences of resolving the duel.

Even if it’s not a perfect mirror thematically, in terms of gameplay, it has the same exciting feel of a duel while maintaining a lot of plausibility. If you have a better system, I’d be interested in hearing. I hope this is a rhe post because I have less faith in gamers if this is actually someone’s position on the matter. I gave up when I read his or his friend’s post on the Facebook group stating that if he wins a duel it means the kami favor him and it doesn’t matter if he did things like kick sand in his opponent’s eyes, because he won and that is virtue lf to justify any actions during the duel.


ar He believes in winning a duel at all costs, then starts whinging because that cost happens to be honor, when his own philosophy on dueling is diametrically opposed to the game’s iteration of honor. I’m gonna go 1 more post on this – What do you think would be an appropriate penalty for bidding higher in a duel?

Art of the Duel | L5r: Legend of the Five Rings Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Obviously there needs to be a penalty right? No, I don’t believe in winning at all costs. You are not understanding my argument. I am saying one primary thing and coming at it from a few fo angles. No other action type in the game punishes the initiator of an action in the same way dueling does.

You pay a cost, sure.

jari :: L5r art of the duel pdf

But that is not punishment. You are managing resources to achieve an effect on the game board. The cost of that effect is up front and everyone can see it before you the resolution of the event is made manifest.

If we say there should be an element of randomness in a duel mechanic The current system, in the vast majority of duels, punishes BOTH sides. So, it is possible to win every duel and lose the game because of it. This game is made up of micro-conflicts. Each micro-conflict can have different win conditions, subjectively or objectively. Plus, because each player can have different methods for their “win condition” and “goals” for the action, the “win condition” can be obscured.

This adds subtly to the game and it is a good thing. But winning each micro-conflict is supposed to get the winner closer to one of the possible win conditions not farther way, or rather, it should not contribute to the winner of the micro-conflict losing the game, directly.

This gives a very slanted advantage to the loser of the duel and in so doing, unbalances the game. Effect of Honor Loss: No clan starts the game with more than 12 honor and, I think, more clans start a game with 10 honor, more clans start with 10 honor than any other value. Dishonor is a victory condition. There are cards that transfer “1” honor from one player to another, one clan to another clan. Character effects, a clan stronghold and the Air Ring can do this.

This is one-third to almost one half of a clan’s starting honor, possibly in one duel. This means, the dueling rules can force transfers of honor, in one duel, more power than any clan champion ability, any stronghold, any single activation of a ring.

No action in the game is this powerful. The reward is going in the wrong direction. Rokugan is a realm governed by an honor component.