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LEGO set database: Test Car. Set number: ; Name: Test Car; Also known as: Test Car; Set type: Normal; Theme group: Technical; Theme. Below you can view and/or download the English PDF building instructions of your Lego set Technic Test car. Couldn’t find the building instructions that. 16 Items ItemName: Lego Test Car, ItemType: Set, ItemNo: , Buy and sell Set is complete and in a good condition, no box and the instructions are torn.

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It’s an old instruction manual, it is in a very bad shape and a few pages are loose. I opened the first page page and I was wondering if this is really the first page!? After building a lot of new sets over the last year, Instructionx didn’t really remembered how it was in former times.

Instructions for – Test Car |

My first thought was: It can’t be the first page of the instructions, there are too many pieces! After searching a while the not existing first page I discovered that all instruftions pieces needed in the first step are in the upper left box of parts to be needed for this step.

I build the car and again wondered that there are only 24 steps! Todays sets have at least double the insttuctions. But each step of the old car involved more parts. I liked building the old Test Car. Sometimes you have to prepare more than 10 pieces of ONE part. All together sometimes there were more than 50 parts involved!

You really had to look where the pieces have to be put. My first thought was, the kids today are – ehm – more stupid than in my childhood. My second thought was, they hadn’t any computer supoorted drawings and so they have to put as many things in one step to keep costs down for the instructions drawer.

And today, I’ve printed out the biggest instruction for me till now. B-Model ofthe Harbour Crane, pages! What a waste of paper. So Instructiona asking here what your opinion is on the evolution of the instructions? Is it getting more easy because lebo kids wouldn’t understand the instructions?

LEGO SET 8865-1 – Test Car

Or is it getting easier because they can easily create a lot of instruction pages with the help of their CAD program? The Test Car set has pieces, so naturally it has fewer steps.

It is not clear what the target age group is, since it’s not written on the box. It has 1, parts, so it will have more steps than the The Lego Group TLG tests out its building instructions with local Danish kids, to make sure that they can easily build the model. Lego Technic models sometimes has black-on-black parts, which makes it instrkctions to see if the instructions are printed too small.

Adults can handle more complexity. It seems better for kids to have less pieces per step. But why have the old instructions so much pieces per step? Was it because the drawing of the instructions was more costly?

Or didn’t TLG knew this in the past? Instructinos, I didn’t really noticed that!


Without counting parts I would have said that they both must have like equal count of parts. I’m an experienced builder. I can’t see what’s so complex about the first 2 steps in ! The only thing that could have made it easier, would be a 1: I do think that recent instructions have gone a little overboard, in the almost ‘1 piece per step’.

If they do insist on doing that, I think they could save paper, by having more steps on a page I can understand the dumbing down of instuctions. It could be that instructikns spans not necesarily intelligence are getting shorter or it could be that they are trying to broarden then target groups to include kids with a greater variety of levels of intelligence. I do miss those old instructions, the newer ones with only two or three parts per page are quite tedious and it seems like such a waste of paper which I am opposed to for cost reasons, not some ignorant eco reasoning!

But this is one thing that’s probably more to do with nostalgia, the enemy of forward thinking!

My wife also mentioned that it could be to expand the target group. If you’re as a kid not much motivated to complete building a set, it could be possible to loose interest in LEGO in generally. The more I think about it the more I can understand from the point of TLG the decision to change instructions. Excellent topic, as somebody who has got right back in to Lego Technic again of late and having purchased some new sets I agree it is all very different to what I remember in the past.

Let’s for instance take the Trike pieces from and the motorbike pieces from Alternative model for Helicopter Look at those parts! If you were given those parts, and told to build the image in step 7 or Yeah I think Building instruction are easy today as ive just finish build an old classic which was great to relive old memorys but i do think no a day that the newer instruction are better lay out to understand where to fit thing together.

The old instructions are better. Adding 1 part per step doesn’t make any sense for me at all. Is it so hard to look a the instructions and see where the parts go? Waste of paper and money for TLG. You would think that the new instructions with down to 1 part pr. But one must also remember that LEGO didn’t have computers in the old day.

LEGO┬« Technic Building-Instructions – GB

Steps were drawn manually. Well, the older lfgo brick building was primarily square so I would think that steps were easier to follow even leto more pieces are involved.

Brick building does seem much easier to the new route that Lego has taken. Also 2 or 3 instruction books for models now explains why they make us download the B model instructions to save money. And I don’t know about you guys, but I hate trying to build off of my computer monitor. I don’t know about you guys, but I hate trying to build off of my computer monitor. I don’t know if it would have been lighter on paper, but it was next to impossible to tell black apart from dark leto, or even earth orange regular brown for that matter when looking on a LCD monitor.


Vintage Lego Technic 8865 Test Car Instructions 1988

Exactly and I think this is the main instruchions. Studded building is simply easier. Studded building like in is mostly from the bottom up. Studless building like in is from the inside out.

Parts interlock in all thinkable directions and angles. I really think it’s nearly impossible to generate clear instructions for about parts in 24 steps without substeps.

Studless building is simply a lot more complex. However, if this were the argument, sets in other instructios shouldn’t see the trend. Compare a modern Creator set to a Model Team set and you see the same thing. So it can’t just be the complexity of studless building. I do agree that bigger steps than currently used, are possible, and I do think the decreased attention span of the current generation plays a role here.

I saw the same thing at a school I visited today – the electronic calculator destroys mental calculation skills. Similarly I think the computer has instructins kids’ ability to concentrate and motivate themselves on things that are even slightly challenging.

With the amount instructiobs distractions today’s world has, LEGO has a much harder time than previously, to keep the kids’ attention. Everything is about serving their needs as quickly and short-term as possible.

I am pretty sure I already posted in this topic. Could a moderator please tell me why my 88665 has been deleted? I much prefer the older style of instructions. As a technic enthusiast I find one part steps a joke. I think anyone in their target oego can cope with more than that. I still really enjoy building my older sets, but when I build modern ones my brain just switches off.

Much like this http: I kind of guessed this simplification would be happeneing in other themes too. I really do think computers have a lot to do with this, when I help students I do see that they just prefer to google things and get an answer instantly inetructions than having a go at trying to figure something out themselves, which is good but also bad at the same time.

I do not think its intelligence related, just a change of attitude and patience. I had no problem building the old sets etcwhen I was the target audience age or a little bit younger so why have things changed?

None of my friends did either On a side note if studless building is generally considered more insttuctions, why have lego gone to it? I love studded technic, and the sets exhibited similar if not more in inatructions cases complexity so why did they change?

I have no problem with studless, but I just wish Lego would choose a method that suits the build and not force studless only construction all the time. Google was simply not there when “we” figured things out. Do we use it? I don’t spend ages in the library anymore. TLC is a globally operating enterprise and there is though competition out there.

They have every single theme TLC has in their inventory.