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At the same time, he reveals deeper values, connected with the very functioning of society, whose reproduction occurs independently of individual wills. One of the functions of thought is to ‘allow people to acquire, through their dealings with their fellows, knowledge of what they must do and what they must not do, of what is good and what is evil’.

Omar Ibn Khattab Series. Ibn Khaldun’s pedagogical conception is based on the central concept of the habitus, mentioned earlier in connection with the learning of the arts.

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The gulf between the rural and urban worlds is perceived as a natural consequence of the passage from the ‘necessary’ to the ‘superfluous’, from the ‘simple’ to the ‘complex’. In order to obtain maximum efficiency, it must be a practice bi-l-mubashara and modeled on the most perfect exemplars prolgomnex the help of the best teachers, preferably following methods of direct observation bi-l-mu ayana.

In substance, he says that what is required in faith and works is not just a formal declaration or mechanical gesture but a ‘knowledge of state’, a ‘permanent disposition’, an ‘indelible coloring’ of the soul. Such a practice is most harmful, as the student tires rapidly and becomes discouraged.


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Ibn Khaldun

In accordance with Title 17 U. At first sight, the place held by education in Ibn Khaldun’s sociology appears uncertain to say the least. The educational and cultural Islamic system led to the production of an abundant literature setting forth its organization and functioning, analyzing its standards and values. Thus of the objects assigned by Ibn Khaldun to ‘the composition of works’, five out of eight deal with organization and the transmission of knowledge: The greater part of scientific activity must be devoted to the task of organizing the various fields of knowledge into individualized subjects capable of being transmitted.

The Message of Islam Feb 10, 2 Comments. Let’s connect Contact Details Facebook Twitter. The term art sina a is used by Ibn Khaldun in a very wide acceptation, lez even the vocational and practical aspects of scientific activities.

The Patricians of Nishapur: Intended to ‘facilitate memorization for students, they render the task harder for them’. These are offered as a means for IslamiCity to stimulate dialogue and discussion in our continuing mission of being an educational organization.

They pro,gomnes neither militia nor walls nor gates. He uses this concept, which for philosophers 24 had an essentially moral and intellectual meaning, very widely to cover a vast field going from language to faith, the arts and the sciences.

Prolgomne of this education of children and without any structural connection between the two, there was also vocational teaching to prepare the learned for various professions.

Explanations must be kept simple and general and allow for lds student’s capacity for understanding and assimilating. It transmits itself spontaneously from one generation to the next and needs to be neither learned nor taught. It appears rather as a private, individual matter at the level of each of its three components: The author’s original title was ‘Education in Ibn Khaldun’s Muqaddima’.


Such a concept, together with the reality behind it, is closely linked to the emergence of modern nations and States, one of whose principal duties is in fact to manage and develop education. Skip to content By: And, at the same time, it was unified by the common adherence to Islam, identification with which was tangibly represented by the universal Koranic teaching that was virtually obligatory for all.

Ibn Khaldun thus poses the problem of the reproduction of values at the most general level, placing himself at the point of view of the individual, however, not that of society, without considering the social function of the reproduction of values as such.

Yet no clear awareness of a unified system of education as a fundamental component of the social system bringing together all aspects of the replication of individuals and groups had come prolgoknes being. Moreover, when examining the matter of faith and works in the chapter he devotes to theology, Ibn Khaldun gives prolbomnes personal interpretation of it based prologmnes his theory of habitus malaka, see ‘Learning the Arts’ below. Going further into the matter, Ibn Khaldun perceives clearly that the inculcation of a body of knowledge is inseparable from the development of the mental aptitudes necessary for that knowledge to be assimilated.

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