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Uruguay – Criminal and penal law – Law, Act. Ley núm. por la que se modifica el Código General del Proceso, Ley núm. de 18 de octubre de Microsoft Windows Azure. SQL Database. Студент: Ставрески Гоце. Индекс бр. Професор: вон. проф. д-р Вено Пачовски. Академска година /. Published: (); Código general del proceso: Ley no. 15, By: Uruguay. Published: (); Tratados y convenios internacionales suscritos por el Uruguay.

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Finally, Part X contains miscellaneous provisions. Provisional Criminal Code of Kosovo of 6 July Makes amendments to the criminal law with respect to sexual offences, offences against the person, drugs, dishonesty, trespass, preparatory offences, sentencing custody etc. Uzbekistan – Criminal and penal law – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. Provides for the imposition of administrative probation on persons who commit offenses against the national security as prescribed in Chapter I of the Part on Offenses of the Penal Code.

Grants to State Domestic Violence Coalitions. Provides for definition of kidnapping from Zambia, definition of kidnapping from lawful guardianship, definition of abduction, pusnishment for kidnapping, kidnapping or abduction in order to murder, kidnapping or abducting with intent to confine person, kidnapping or abducting in order to subject person to grievous harm or slavery, wrongfully concealing or keeping in confinement kidnapped or abducted person, kidnapping or abducting child under fourteen with intent to steal from its person, punishment for wrongful confinement, buying or disposing of any person as a slave, habitual dealing in slaves, and unlawful compulsory labour.

Also amends penalty provisions in a number 159982 other acts. Prisoners shall be required to do work for not more than eight hours a day. Repeals Sections Promotion of reconciliation and Account to be taken of compensation by custom.

Section 76 regulates employment of convicted prisoners. Divided into 6 parts. Amends, inter alia, pey 29 of the Criminal Procedure Code Dismissal from Office and establishes terms and conditions under which the accused or defendant party should be suspended from the exercise of duties. Aircraft offences Act [Chapter 9: Consists of 13 parts: Provides for measures and punishments for juvenile offenders, including community service. Contains provisions on jurisdiction and courts, evidence, trial proceedings and special proceedings.


Chapter 5 of Criminal Code provides for offences against family, youth and morality. Viet Nam – Criminal and penal law – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance Order amending and supplementing a number of articles of lej anti-corruption ordinance No.

These include involvement of minors in anti-social conduct, carnal relationship with a person below age of 16, lecherous acts against person below age of 16, production and dissemination of pornographic objects, and keeping of brothels. Formula grants to States. Provides for measures against trafficking in persons, slavery and involuntary servitude, and reauthorizes certain federal programmes to prevent violence against women.

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Gelsi Bidart, Adolfo [WorldCat Identities]

Criminal Justice Act Chapter 36 – Adoption: Criminal Justice Code A. Criminal Procedure Code Acts Cap. Seeks to deter and punish terrorists acts in the United States and around the world. Application for revocation, variation or extension of protection orders.

Measures to prevent criminality, Part 7. Chapter 6 deals with offences against freedom, honour and dignity.

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Consists of 25 parts. Sections and deal with 159882 abuse of children, section with trafficking in women, and section with illegal forcing of labourers and public employees to leave their jobs. The plan lays out a general framework with clear-cut goals to institutionalize cooperation between concerned Jordanian bodies and similar authorities in the U.

Amends the minimum quantity for penal liability examination specified in Clauses 1 of articles,, key, and Zambia – Criminal and penal law – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. Title VII provides for the death penalty for persons convicted of terrorist acts which result in 15928. Prisons and Prisoners – Sec. Section 18 deals with the prisoner’s duty to do work. Zambia – Criminal and penal law – Law, Act.


Part I provides for strengthening of law 159982 to reduce violence against women, Part II for strengthening of services to victims of violence, Part III for limiting effects of violence on children, Part IV for strengthening of education and training to combat violence against women, and Part V for support to battered immigrant women. Subgrants and uses of funds.

Ley 15982, Código General del Proeceso

Prisoner shall not be required to perform labour if judicial officer passing sentence has specified that sentence of imprisonment shall be without labour. Law Enforcement Chapter Abolition of Capital and Corporal Punishment Act Section IV provides for enhanced border protection, and Part V for removing obstacles to investigating terrorism.

Criminal and penal law. Section deals with discrimination and makes it an offence to “discriminate against another person with respect to his right to the supply of goods or services, or to gain or continue in any employment, or to be admitted to any public place, by reason of the sex, ethnic or racial origin, or the religion of such other person. Defines the crimes of riot, violent disorder, and affray. Criminal Procedure Code No. Part 1 contains preliminary provisions.

Arrest for breach of injunction. Special jurisdiction of local courts. Ly legislation on establishment and management of prisons. National domestic violence hotline grant.

Disposiciones Generales Libro Segundo: Sentence servers shall strictly abide by the state’s law, actively perform civic obligations, and observe the rules of the villages where they are located. Denunciations and settlement of denunciations; Chapter IV: