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Bolivia, Plurinational State of – – International agreement de 2 de agosto de , ley general de higiene, seguridad ocupacional y bienestar. Adoption. Altifibers S.A. is located in El Alto, La Paz, Bolivia; the company, . and welfare act (Decreto Ley No. ). Noise levels in areas adjacent to. eddy · El Sistema de Salud Boliviano. Uploaded by. eddy · Alerta de Seguridad. Uploaded by. eddy · Decreto Ley N Uploaded by. eddy

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Minors under 18 years old in work beyond their strength.

TRAVAIL legal databases

Amends article 5 on definition of state officials, article 19 on rights and obligations, article 20 on termination of boliviz, article 33 on work assessment, article 36 on severance pay, article 48 on rights and obligations on annual leave. Fiber combing waste and domestic refuse are picked up and disposed of by the municipal sanitation service.

No statutory entitlement to ly types of leave identified. National plan to equality of opportunities bolivia. The maternity leave entitlement provided by the Employment Relations Promulgation applies to all employers and female workers in workplaces in Fiji, including the Government, other Government entities, local authorities, statutory authorities and the Sugar Industry, but does not apply to the following: The volume and capacity of the current operation are such that no immediate environmental impacts from the discharge of liquid effluents are expected; the plant’s discharges into the ,ey system are minimal and meet the requirements of the company that manages the system AISA.

The Labour Code establishes a duty in the head of employers with more than fifty workers to maintain nursing rooms. Zakon o zastiti lica koja prijavljuju korupciju u institucijama Bosne i Hercegovine – Adoption: Amends articles 32, 40, 42 and 86 on selection process for candidates, and article 86 on retirement. Act of 4 April on professional rehabilitation 166998 employment of disabled persons. Contains provisions on legal assistance, competence of judges, prosecution, defense, burder of proof, deadlines, decision-making, implementation, expenses of legal procedures, witnesses, investigation, trial, special procedures.

Zakon o zastiti od buke – Adoption: Leu leave benefits are provided by the Employment Relations Promulgation. Bosnia and Herzegovina – – Law, Act Act of 19 September to amend and supplement the Act on pension and disability insurance.


The National 116998 and Child Insurance envisaged medical assistance for maternity, with universal coverage for women during pregnancy and up to 6 months after confinement, as well as for new-born infants and children under five years old.

Pregnant women shall be prohibited from carrying heavy loads. These wastes are disposed of in an authorized dump. The company also requires financing for working capital and to restructure short-term debt in order to optimize its capital structure.

Act of May 1st elevating to Law rank: Pregnant women shall not perform work involving abnormal atmospheric pressure or conditions in which environmental temperature is altered, work producing vibration, or work involving standing for long periods of time.

Ministry of Labour http: 19698 supreme of May 17 of Decree supreme of March 18 of Decree Law of December 24 of Duration Up to 45 days before bolicia 45 days after confinement. Pregnant women shall be prohibited from carrying heavy loads. Zakon o privrednim drustvima – Adoption: Sort by Ascending Date of adoption Date of entry force Volivia of publication Country Subject Descending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject results 50 per page per page per page.

Decree supreme of May 17 of Decree supreme of March 18 of Decree Law of December 24 of That is, any child born prior to the mother’s current period of employment may affect the level of her maternity leave pay entitlement.

Act of 23 July on combatting corruption and organized crime. Employment Relations Promulgation Part Amends article on penal provisions for assistance in criminal and terrorist activities.

Not expressly mentioned in the General Labour Act. It is forbidden to lsy and minors under 18 years old to perform hazardous, painful or harmful work to their health or moral.

Bolivia – Maternity protection – 2011

National plan to equality of opportunities bolivia. Voluntary subscription is possible for workers in family industries, independent workers, professionals, craft workers and other non-salaried workers, domestic workers, small business owners, employers, and persons who work in the public administration service, federal bodies or local authorities who are excluded from or not covered by other key.

Zakon o platama zaposlenih u organima boolivia Republike Srpske – Adoption: Persons linked to an employer by an employment relation, members of cooperative societies.


Maternity protection is conferred by the Labour Code and covers working women in the public and private sectors, with the exception of those employed in the agricultural sector. Decree Supreme No that creates an incentive- bonus mother-child for a safe motherhood. Workers may not be discriminated against on the grounds of sex. Noise levels in areas adjacent to the plant are low and seem to have no direct impact.

Summaries and full texts in the TRAVAIL Legal Database are provided for information purposes only and are not intended to replace consultation of the authentic legal texts.

Altifibers S.A. | Inter-American Investment Corporation

After pregnancy female workers shall maintain their jobs and rights acquired under the employment relationship. Determines principles of application of police powers, rights ly duties of personnel, education and vocational training, employment, advancement in ranks, working conditions, responsibilities.

Domestic workers are entitled to 45 days before and 45 days after confinement. Act bloivia 10 April on protection against domestic violence. One hundred percent Financing of benefits Social security, which is financed by different sources; contributions from the employers, the insured workers and the State.

Act of 27 June to amend and supplement the Act on pension and disability insurance. Women workers who have paid at least 4 monthly contributions in the 12 months immediately preceding the date of payment of prenatal cash benefit. Duration The entitlement to maternity leave pay is 84 days. However, as it was already mentioned, female working hours shall not exceed 40 hours per week.

There are not qualifying conditions General Labour Act. Strateska platform razvoja obrazovanja odraslih u kontekstu cjelozivnog ucenja u Bosni i Hercegovini, za period Zakon o izmjenama i dopunama Zakona o penzijskom i invalidskom osiguranju – Adoption: For inquiries and comments to IIC, contact: Paternity leave No references to paternity leave in the Federal Labour Act.

Act of 17 September to amend and supplement the Act on protection against family 169988.