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Lihim na Karunungan[GAYUMA, KULAM,BARANG,TIGALPO,LUMAY etc.] has members. Study Group. Kikomachine Komix XIII has 33 ratings and 4 reviews. Jedi JC said: It is quite impressive for Kikomachine Komix to be still this consistenly good while s. Kikomachine Komix Blg. 13 – Aklat Sekreto ng mga Lihim na Karunungan. Kikomachine Komix Blg. 13 – Aklat Sekreto ng mga Lihim na Karunungan. Author .

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He has the power to bring back runaways, teach all languages and to destroy the spiritual atmosphere of any person or place. He has the power to grant one much cunning and gives true and honest answers to questions regarding all secret things.

Kakaibang Kaalaman | Lihim na Karunungan – Exploring the Depths of the Unknown

He can provide the magicians with spirit familiars, teaches the secrets of Heaven and Hell. He can give one faithful familiars. He is also karuningan to cause beautiful music to be heard in the atmosphere. He has the power to bring about reconciliations between friends and enemies, procure the love of another, and reveal both the past and the future.

He can reveal to the magician the location of buried treasure and to evade the guardian spirit. He grants good familiars to the magician and can help one to understand the mechanics krunungan astrological interpretation.

He has the power to create discord and mistrust 8. He discloses all wickedness and underhanded dealings of both friends and enemies, and reveals the site of buried ilhim hidden treasure. He can grant one the power of invisibility, give one skill in handicrafts, teach all aspects of a mathematical problem, answers all questions, reveals the precise location of buried treasure, and can grant one any virtue.

He can grant the bearer of his Seal secret knowledge about all things. He will, it is said, talk willingly about the fall of spirits. He speaks with a rough sounding voice, and can give wisdom. He also gives the power of invisibility. He will often appear naked, and carries a hawk on his karunungam wrist.

He knows all things past, present and future, and can bring about reconciliations. He can grant one the knowledge of herbs karunungqn precious gems. His sphere of influence also includes long voyages to distant countries. His only ability is that of producing love between a man and a woman. He will cause friends and enemies of the person bearing his Seal to grant him any favour asked of them. He kaarunungan gives excellent familiars.

He can cause the bearer of his Seal to be awarded a great many dignities; but be warned; he is a notorious liar and cannot be trusted.

He gives to the bearer of his Seal an understanding of astrology, geometry and all things of a mathematical nature. He reconciles friends, and answers questions about the future. He gives wisdom to those who seek it, and also teaches philosophy. His Seal can also be used to aid in the healing of disease. He can give riches and comfort to the bearer of his Seal.


He can also make the bearer of his Seal eloquent and wise, and answers all questions truly. He can grant the bearer of his Seal power to understand the forces of Nature and the voices of animals. He can also answer questions regarding the future. He was once of the Order of Angels. He teaches the bearer of his Seal logic, grammar and reveals the location of buried treasure.

He commands all the evil spirits of that darkest of continents, Africa. He is very learned in such things as the arts and sciences, and knows all human thoughts and can give an individual possessing his Seal the power to control minds.

He discovers, for bearer of his Lihi, hidden mysteries, and kindles love and lust between the sexes. Kaurnungan has the power to punish your enemies and will protect you from all forms of temptation. He will also give truthful answers regarding all things past, present and future. He has the power to control the winds and the seas, and to drown the male enemies of the bearer of his Seal and nature. Teaches the art of invisibility, imparts great wisdom and wit, reveals treasures and karynungan lost or stolen things.

He has the ability to teach all arts and sciences, gives knowledge of all languages, and can make the bearer of his Seal to be loved by his enemies. He is skilled in philosophy. He can produce love between those in wedlock, raise storms, and give answers to questions about things of a secret and divine nature.

He teaches one philosophy, excites love or an intense hatred, drives men mad, gives true karjnungan to questions of the past, present and future, and will transport people quickly from place to place. He can bring the dead back to life, especially those who have died in sin. He can make the bearer of his Seal invisible, discerns the true intentions of any person, and is the driving force behind all murders and acts of violence. Can award the bearer of his Seal a great many dignities.

He is skilled in alchemy and can grant the bearer of his Seal great and lasting wisdom. He can grant the bearer of his Seal great courage, wit, and knowledge of all things past and future.

He causes battles between persons or countries. He gives true answers to questions on any subject, and is exceptionally loyal to those who evoke him. He teaches astrology, gives good familiars, and knows the virtues of all herbs and precious gems. He is highly skilled in philosophy, and causes spirits to appear at once when summoned by the magician.

He was of the Order of Angels. He is skilled in the arts and sciences, and can restore lost honours and dignities. He discerns all things past, present and future; he can cause the magician or bearer of his Seal to receive an assortment of dignities and honours. He gives true answers concerning all divine and secret things. He teaches those who evoke his aid all the arts and sciences.


He gives dignities, and can grant the bearer of his own Black Seal the power to control the thoughts and actions of others.

Hit by SunDay’s Rays.Occult Vibes.11.Lihim Na Karunungan/LNK.Dreams & Chaotic Sentiments

He teaches all sciences, poetry, and obeys all orders very well indeed. He is skilled in all matters of geometry and the sciences. He will speak of mysterious and hidden things if asked. He reveals the location of hidden treasure, discerns all that the magician desires, gives true answers to all karunugnan, and supplies good familiars. He has the power to destroy whatever the magician desires, reconciles friends and enemies, produces love for the bearer of his Seal, brings money and success, discerns all things.

He teaches the arts, gives one an understanding and knowledge of all languages.

Kikomachine Komix XIII: Aklat Sekreto ng mga Lihim na Karunungan (Kikomachine Komix, #13)

He can make the bearer of his Seal well loved by friends and enemies alike. He protects buildings and cities from hostile attack, he also kzrunungan good familiars. His only purpose is to promote love and desire between the sexes. He brings things to pass suddenly in respect to the magicians will, discovers the identity of thieves, and is indifferently good or bad.

He has the power to bring blindness, deafness and insanity to any enemy, discovers all hidden secrets, and produces material possessions and money.

He teaches astrology and the virtues of herbs and precious stones. He lihin love between the sexes, and can make women lustful. This seal will, no doubt, be of very little interest to male readers. He can lead the magician to where a treasure is buried. He can grant the bearer of his Seal great skill in manual, scientific and philosophical pursuits.

He can also bring death and destruction on both the land and the sea. He procures the love of women and maidens, discerns the future, and gains the friendship of enemies. He can bestow upon those bearing his Seal a great sense of humour, and can make fools wise. He is also highly skilled in the art of alchemy.

He arouses love and passion in the hearts of women. Naglalaman ng mga practices ng mga babaylan, halamang gamot, pangontra, paggawa ng pangontra, panggayuma at marami pang iba. Sections of this page. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?