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Vulvar lipoma is a rare tumor localization and only a few cases have been reported. The clinical characteristics of vulvar lipoma are well known. Significant signs and symptoms or complications are generally not observed; Vulvar Lipoma usually occurs just below the skin (subcutaneous. Lipomas are multilobular benign tumours of fat usually arising in the present a case of a large vulvar lipoma in a year old woman.

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Lipomas are the most common benign tumors of lipoa tissues. However, conventional lipomas have been reported only rarely as presenting in the vulva. We present a case of vulvar lipoma in a yr-old woman, possibly caused by chronic intermittent irritation.

Benign tumors of the vulva are normally classified according to their origin as epithelial cell tumors e. Although lipomas are the most common benign tumors pipoma soft tissues derived from mesenchymal cells, for the vulva they vjlvar so rare that there are very few reports. Here we document a case of such a rare large vulvar lipoma in an adolescent with a review of the literature.

A yr-old woman, a Tae Kwon Do practitioner, presented to our hospital complaining of a soft, movable mass in the right labia majora Fig. She reported that it caused discomfort when she exercised. The mass had grown gradually over one year. There was no family history or abnormality in the laboratory tests that could serve as a good reference.

Using ultrasonography and computed tomography CT scans Fig. Tumorectomy was carried out under general anesthesia. Incision was made along the lateral margin of mucosa on the right vulva longitudinally as to conceal the scar from being visible.


Vulvar Lipoma: Is It So Rare?

Mass including 1-cm width of skin strap on the lateral area from the incision line was extracted carefully. There was no difficulty in surgery because the mass was well-encapsulated. The excised specimen measured 8.

Serial histological sections showed lobulated and homogeneous mature adipose tissue Fig.

The most common areas for lipomas, the most common benign tumor in soft tissues, are the upper back, neck, shoulder and abdomen. Lipomas have been identified in all age groups, but usually first appear between 40 and 60 yr of age. Whereas solitary lipomas are more common in women, the presence of multiple lipomas lipomatosis is more common lipooma men.

Variants seen include spindle cell lipomas, pleomorphic lipomas, angiolipomas and adenolipomas. There are very few reports on conventional lipomas in the vulva Table 1. InDe Lima Filho et al. InFukamizu lippma al. InVan Glabeke et al. The most recent report by Agarwal et al.

Vulvar lipoma: a case report.

Most reported cases of vulvar lipomas involved adults were tumors that had presented since birth. However, our case here was of a conventional lipoma in the vulva of an adolescent yr-old Tae Kwon Do practitioner.

Although lipomas are well-known fatty tumors both clinically and pathologically, their precise etiology is unknown. However, one of the most commonly implicated etiologic factors is trauma 7. Vupvar 8 reported that chronic minor traumas might trigger the formation and enlargement of lipomas, and described two cases of sport-induced scapular lipomas in a volleyball player and a table tennis player. Our patient mentioned discomforts when kicking due to the mass of the vulva.

This may be lippoma to show the relationship between the formation or enlargement of lipomas and chronic irritation caused by activities such as kicking. We speculate that the lipoma in this patient arose from chronic intermittent irritation of the soft tissue in the vulva caused by kicking.


Vulvar lipomas need to be differentiated from liposarcomas, which develop rarely but are very similar to lipomas clinically 9.

To exclude the possibility of malignant tumors, biopsy should be performed by surgical excision. To our knowledge, this is the first case vu,var a conventional vulvar lipoma reported in an adolescent.

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Find articles by Seung Moon Chung. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Jung Hoon Lee, Uvlvar. Received May 29; Accepted Sep 1. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Lipomas are the most common benign tumors of soft tissues.

Lipoma, Vulvar Neoplasms, Vulva, Adolescent. Open in a separate window.

Large Vulvar Lipoma

CT scan in the level of external genitalia reveals a lipomatous mass arrow. Table 1 Cases of conventional vulvar lipomas reported in the literature. Semin Cutan Med Surg.

Lipoma of the vulva. Lipoma of the preputium clitoridis in neonate: Large lipoma of the vulva. Signorini M, Campiglio GL. Int J Sports Med. Liposarcoma atypical lipomatous tumors of the vulva: Int J Gynecol Pathol. MR and CT findings versus histopathological diagnosis and cytogenetic analysis. Support Center Support Center. Please review our privacy policy.