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Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store. Daily Affirmation. My mind is my good friend and servant. It awaits my direction on what to think about and focus on. I rule my mind, which I alone must rule. Written by Louise Berlay, narrated by Barry J. Peterson. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial.

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Aren’t you limiting him by telling him that? He rushes ahead, has no sense of pacing, and his pronunciation of names is simply unbelievable.

I think there is something to this stuff but I believe that there is a bigger picture to things, things that our ego probably can’t or won’t understand that our higher self understands in a better way, so when people think they fail or succeed – maybe not.

I am already doing what I can with regards to doctors, medicine and medical care. It’s key because I AM is the reason the law works in the first place. The prayer of faith shall save the sick and God shall raise him up. You imagine being wealthy, then lose all your money and become a beggar with no food.

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I have have go through all this to make sense of it. Louise appeared to be an open minded woman, and she probably had more of a desire to have a child that had a more gentle feminine energy, and that was obviously expected of girls, not boys, at that time.

Neville does say to go to the end and not mess it up with specifics, so what if Louise saying it must be a daughter is focusing on the means to the end and not actually living in the end?


Louise Berlay and Neville Mark self. The last bit about her imagining a son after speaking to Berkay is a random guess. Because I am old and tired and nothing seems to work in my life despite all effort. Post the source material as I’ve asked you to already several times you are drawing from so the community can unpack it. But even after that she wasn’t interested.

The Magic of the Mind

Lesley Davison, glorious spirit of light and love, in addition to her own busy schedule has lovingly taken on the multiple efforts of republishing this new edition of my work. Acknowledge it’s there neutrally Well, maybe Joe didn’t use the Law, he just subjectively felt certain but didn’t entertain it in imagination.

It’s likely it wasn’t an idea she persisted in, it was likely just a “that’d be nice” sort of thing. However, about things I do care about, the imagination process almost feels like “fighting”. For anything bberlay other than religion, LOA, this kind of stuff where “belief” is required, you evaluate things based on first reading it and seeing if it makes sense.

Nothing Neville said in the story suggests that. Louise was intent in having a daughter.

Louise Berlay Books – Biography and List of Works – Author of ‘The Magic Of the Mind’

He did not try to deliberately create a son in this instance, but dreamed a son talked to him. I am not waiting for life or other people or God to make me happy. My faith in the good is written in my heart and felt in my inward parts. Something just doesn’t add up. Its your every right to disagree with me.

Moreover, with your story, maybe Louise raised her son loyise ‘girly’ since she wanted a daughter and encouraged activities more typically associated with girls?

The whole thing about Larry “survived” because she “saw” him sitting in the room, long after his ashes were already louisf in central park. Maybe she didn’t imagine hard enough, whatever. Unfortunately, Barry Peterson is without a doubt the worst narrator I have ever heard. Now, if someone asked me about the ones that it didn’t work, I would say those were the failed ones, be it my responsibility, or be it theirs not following my instruction, both possible.

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In that context it makes perfect sense and not meant in any way to be offensive. I am so happy I found it. There’s another story where Neville used his imagination to appear in his nephew’s place so that Neville could convince his sister that there’s a greater spiritual world beyond this one.

I am scared, yes. I rule my mind, which I alone must rule. Even if you just disagree that’s fine. The two guys that run the group have moved into a slightly different space but all their Lokise stuff is available there and they’re both on fb.

We can louiwe only by what she said. It was like listening to someone read aloud who is unaccustomed to doing so. I believe if we take our quirks into consideration when nerlay the teachings it’s easier to succeed.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Berly personally think this represents the two sides of the coin- Mere use of the law through techniques and such, without understanding why it works. Louise didn’t betlay “a baby of any biological gender which enjoyed feminine activities”. But why is it pandered as an example of it “working”?