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Free translator helps you to translate anything in Lozi to English or English to Lozi. • Its completely free, faster and very easy solution for translations. You can . -bina (binile) v.i. to dance: Ni ziba ku bina Ngomalume, I know how to dance the Ngomalume (Lozi men’s dance). der. mubini, pina, sibiniso, mubinelo. syn. Lozi definition, a Bantu language spoken in Barotseland, in western Zambia. See more.

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Bana ba mina ki bafi? Ku ba ni mata, to have strength. Ni ka mi bona hamulaho, I shall see you later.

Lozi | Definition of Lozi by Merriam-Webster

Mwanana yo u fafata hahulu, u ka shwa itekelelwa; this child goes visiting too often, he will die in an unknown way. It makes our dictionary English Lozi real, as it is created by native speakers people, that uses language for every day. I am going home: Where can I find some money. What name will you give this child? Ni li ka ka-liketa sikwalo si pala ku kwaluha. dictioonary

Mu y’o kenisa hande liapalo za mina, go and wash doctionary clothes well. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Miselo mwa mushitu i sa li butala, the wild fruit in the forest is dictiobary unripe. C, c, Has the sound of the italian C which is generally like ‘ch’ in ‘Church,’ and sometimes like ‘j’ in ‘jam’.


You should know, that Glosbe does not store word but rather the idea of what the word means.

English Lozi Dictionary online

Resources for Lozi Time Traveler! Lu bakanyeze haenyi ndu, let us get the house ready for the guests.

Mukuli wa hao u apuhile, u mu apese kubo; your patient is lying uncovered, put a blanket on him. Silami si andile licalo, the frost has damaged the seedlings 2 to become rigid or tight as a rope: Ni ziba ku bina Ngomalume, Dictilnary know how to dance the Ngomalume Lozi men’s dance.

Muhala u andile, the rope is tight.

Useful phrases in Lozi

Lozi English Translator version is available for download from our website. Mukolo w aka u tezi litapi. Kweli ha i li fia busweu ki ye cica, when the moon is full it is round.

Musebezi wa bulimi, agricultural work from: Mulimu a mi fuyole God bless you refers also to an aged person blessing his or her offsring, blessing which is usually accompanied by a gentle spitting der. Ee, ka cwalo, yes it is so hakucwalo, it is not so: Toasts used when drinking.


U bolomokile kwa lilumo, he got through the battle unharmed. Glosbe is home for thousands of dictionaries. Mwana yo ni mu lata ike mo ni ita-tela, I love this child as much as I love myself.

Mutu yani bunsu bwa hae inge mashala, that man is as black as coal.

English-Lozi Dictionary Online Free Translation and Resources

Fahali a busihu bo butuna, in the middle of didtionary night; busihu bwa kacenu, last night; ki busihu, it is night also used as a greeting: Learn More about Lozi.

U ni putelezi ka bupumi, he took me in by his deceit. Butuku hu mufokolisize hahulu, his illness has weakened him a lot. I have no knowicd,sze’. Maoma a bapuhile hande, the skin covering the royal drums is well stretched.

Ni li ka caRiliketa Kwacha ya ka kuli ba nife nama, ba hana! Pula ifafalizefela, the rain hardly fell. Mukolo wa mina u buulwa ki moya, your canoe is deviating owing to the wind. Ki na ya ipetezi ona mukolo wo, I have made myself this canoe.