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Are you ready for a monster discussion on base training, the Maffetone Method, and more training geekery? Base Training Running. I definitely am – and this. Dr. Maffetone’s unique training system for champions proves that the kinder, gentler approach actually works the best. This fitness regimen has worked for. For 30 days I have followed the Maffetone Method, building my aerobic base by slowing down and focusing on low heart rate running and.

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The biggest concern, issue, road block for many runners is that in the initial stages month 1 they often macfetone to slow their pace dramatically to stay within the prescribed heart rate. I think this style of running benefits tremendously from a Maffetone Method coach.

Maffetone Method – Low Heart Rate Marathon Plan

Otherwise there are often concerns about going too slowly or when to add in speed, strength, etc. The Maffetone Method helps you take charge of your own health and fitness—and succeed. Every animal on earth knows how to be optimally healthy, but humans have gone astray; getting back your instincts and intuition is one of the benefits of this process. The Formula provides two important benefits. First, it trains your body to burn more stored fat for energy we normally burn varying amounts of both sugar and maffetoone.

This is important for overall health.

Second, it enables you to run, bike or perform other activities faster over time weeks and monthsall while remaining at the same training heart rate. Learn more about the benefits low heart rate training.

Improve speed while maintaining HR which is most efficient mafftone utilizing fat as fuel, recovery and overall bodily stress. Subtract your age 3.


Adjust number using the following: It is not training in multiple zones, this maffegone training at a base low heart rate. Warm up minutes 2. Run as close to your target heart rate as you can for the entire test 4.

LHR Training Results: A Year of Maffetone Training

Each mile should be slower than the previous mile 5. Always do it on the same day of training at the same time for most accurate results. Your times should consistently improve. If they get slower during a session that is a sign to back off intensity or total work load in the coming weeks. I have previously reviewed TimexPolar and Garmin if you have questions. Most well known for finding success with this method is six-time Ironman champion Mark Allen who credits this approach with allowing him to continue training, racing and winning for many years.

Like most athletes he was skeptical at first, but in just a few short months began seeing results and has since gone on to write books with Maffetone and encourage others to explore this style of training. I could maffeotne as much as I wanted so long as I stayed under the HR provided.

During the summer months this required slowing down a great deal, but during the winter I found I had to push much harder to even hit the HR which resulted in a 4 min half marathon PR after just a few months of training.

I plan to continue using it for this coming race season. I also leaned out from the process, which told me I was indeed using fat for fuel, and found that once I did add speed back into the equation, my race times improved substantially.

Is utilizing LHR something that might help you become a better runner? If you are someone who enjoys speed workouts or a lot of variety then the MAF method will likely bore you to tears. However, it might be worth adding to the beginning of a training cycle as base building. Looking for a coach with experience in MAF?


Would you be willing to slow down to get faster? How often do you pay attention to heart rate? I understand the Maff Method, now how do you figure out your weekly mileage for marathon training? So, this removes gels and sugary drinks from your run nutrition. What exactly do you eat and drink during a training run or race then?

Amanda Brooks is an long time distance runner with a passion of every facet of running, which leads her to do more reading, research and running than necessary. Find all the tips, tricks and tools you need from this running coach for your best injury free running. Beyond the running component, Maffetone is focused on whole body health and while his program certainly leads to faster runner over time for many his main goal is healthy long term running.

Train slower to go faster? Is this guy a crazy or what? Comments I understand the Maff Method, now how do you figure out your weekly mileage for marathon training? About Amanda Brooks Amanda Brooks is an long time distance runner with a passion of every facet of running, which leads her to do more reading, research and running than necessary.

Website written, managed and maintained by Amanda Brooks. I am a certified personal trainer, but any advice should be taken as general information and not a personalized plan. All opinions, tips and reviews are based upon my personal life experience and the experiences of those around me.

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